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Reusable Straws


...declares war on plastic with its colorful glass- and steel- straws.

Our straws are reusable and easy to clean. Every time you use a Strawganic straw, one plastic straw less is discarded. It is not only environmentally friendly but also a stylish accessory for your smoothie or cocktail. "Be the change you want to see in the world." (Mahatma Gandhi) 

No more plastic

A straw; a short, light accessory made of plastic. After a few sips it ends up in the trash alongside the cup or the bottle. No big deal! Really? Imagine every one of us 7 billion people on earth do the same today. Still no big deal? In the US alone, approximately 500 million straws are produced – and thrown away – daily. With an estimated weight of 0.3 gram per straw, this creates 150 tons of plastic waste per day. Unfortunately, in most other countries, the situation does not look any better. And what is even worse: a major part of it ends up in our oceans: it kills sensitive eco systems and threatens the life of countless marine animals.

It is hard to believe that such a small plastic item can create such a disastrous effect. Strawganic wants to turn this effect into a positive by using glass and metal instead of plastic. Only by changing the material a straw can be re-used as often as desired. 

Our Story

Co-Founder Olivia got the idea for Strawganic while surfing in Bali. Her dreams of paradise beaches and crystal clear waves were destroyed on her first day on the board. While paddling out she was not only fighting against the waves but mainly against tons of plastic trash. Shocked about the amount of rubbish in the sea – especially the amount of plastic straws – she wondered how this could be? The will to do something against this misery did not leave her alone.

A few days later, during dinner in Canggu, she was served a drink with a very special accessory: a straw made of glass. Olivia was immediately enthusiastic about it! Was this the solution to a problem that is gradually destroying our oceans?

For Olivia, there was no doubt: she had to supply the world with those reusable straws. The idea for Strawganic was born.

A few weeks later Olivia told Adrian about her plan and he immediately loved the idea. Only days later they decided to establish Strawganic together. 

our advantages

Strawganic straws offer restaurateurs, consumers and mostly the environment many advantages:

-        They are discretionary reusable

-        They do not generate any rubbish

-        They are visually and functionally


-        They are usable for hot and cold


-        They are made of extremly durable

borosilicate glass / stainless steal 

-        They are easy to clean and can be put

          in the dishwasher